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Drivers on the road who have adequate auto insurance may wonder, what is the purpose of needing a form or way to prove I have car insurance? Besides it being a state law in most areas, there are a few additional reasons we’ll cover here that drivers may not have considered before. These can help give a better understanding to the purpose of having a proof of insurance card. Afterwards, we’ll show drivers how to obtain their proof of insurance if they don’t yet have it.

Why would you need proof?
Because it is a state law to carry auto insurance, drivers need a way of stating they have proper insurance coverage through a legit company. In most states, it is common practice for an officer to request proof of insurance along with the driver’s license and registration when the driver has been pulled over. They can’t just use word of mouth to verify their insurance coverage, especially because the police officer could assume they are lying or even worse, in a major accident the person may not even be conscious enough to explain who their provider is and that they have coverage. If a driver cannot provide this proof during a routine traffic stop or at an accident scene, that driver will face some consequences.

It’s possible that if the driver does indeed have proper coverage but for some reason does not have their card, they could only be written a warning. But, if the driver does not have proof of insurance in any form because they do not have auto insurance, they are in serious trouble. For instance, if it is their first offense, the officer will issue them a ticket for whatever law they were originally breaking, and then issue another form of punishment for not having insurance. This form could be another ticket, a ticket and a fine of $100-$500 attached, or both of those plus jail time. This, of course, depends on how many times the driver has been caught without insurance. The severity of the penalty increases with each offense. In addition to these, the driver’s license and possibly the vehicle’s registration could be suspended in some states.

Another reason for proof of insurance is to reinstate a license or vehicle registration. When the driver has lost their license or vehicle registration to suspension, they will need to show to the court that they do have auto insurance by providing a proof of insurance card. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to purchase a policy here on our online site. By purchasing a policy here, the driver can at the end of the process request to print out the proof of insurance card from their own printer. This card is valid and can be brought into the court the very next day, if the court allows, and the license and registration can be reinstated.

Also, drivers who have purchased a vehicle from a dealership know they are usually asked by the dealership or the loan company if they have auto insurance. Loan companies who finance the purchase of a new car will only agree to loan the money if the driver has full coverage on the vehicle. They want to be sure that the driver has a way to pay for the loan in full, even if the vehicle is involved in a major accident or if it’s stolen. An insurance company agrees to pay for damages up to the cash value amount of the vehicle, which pleases the loan company enough to agree to loan the money out to the driver.

How To Get Proof Of Insurance
Now that we’ve shown a few reasons why proof of insurance is needed, we will show drivers how to get that proof of auto insurance in a way that won’t take up much time but is still very legal. We offer a service to all drivers called our quote comparison tool. This tool is used to gather quotes for auto insurance policies from local insurers. The driver or applicant doesn’t need to spend time contacting a number of different providers individually and finding out what prices they offer. This method takes up too much time and effort on the driver’s part, and that time can be put towards something more productive. Instead, use our method by entering in the local zip code and answering the questions that follow.

The questions that will need answering are concerning the driver, the vehicle, and the type and amount of coverage that are wanted. We will want to know the drivers name, age, address, and past driving record. When it comes to the driving record information, please be sure to give accurate and honest answers. These (mixed with the other information given) are used to determine the rates, and if the answers are found to be different than what’s in the national system, the rates will change at the time of purchase. We will also need accurate information about the vehicle’s year, make and model, how often it is driven and where it is stored. As for the coverage types and amounts, the applicant can use our tool over and over again to check out how adding or subtracting different options and amounts will affect the prices given. There is no limit to how often this tool can be used.

Once this information has been provided, we will show the applicant a list of prices that are being offered by insurers found throughout the local area. This driver may then choose to purchase a policy or simply walk away (or try the tool again with different coverage information). If they choose to purchase a policy, they can do that online with their credit card. This will be the fastest way, and it can also provide a way for them to print out the proof of insurance card from their home printer. This is definitely a plus for anyone who needs that card ASAP to reinstate their vehicle or license.

Proof of car insurance is vital to any driver. It shows other people, including police officers making traffic stops, the driver has sufficient car insurance coverage and can help the policyholder avoid fines or worse. Don’t leave home without this proof; most people keep it in their glove compartment so it’s always there and ready to be seen.

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