4 Great Ways to Raise Your Credit Score Quickly

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Everyone wants to have a good credit score - and it makes sense. Why wouldn't you? You need good credit to obtain reasonable rates on a home or car loan (and to get approved for one in the first place), to get a credit card, or to sign-up for some products such as cell phones.

Unfortunately, credit scores are an almost mythical system. Few understand how it works, and even fewer know how to leverage the system to work in their favor. There are a few tips, however, you can keep in mind to help boost your credit score - no matter how bad it is. These ways to raise credit score readings can prove to be quite effective.

1. Pay off debt. Debt holds your score down, because having it shows that you have borrowed more money than you can pay back. Therefor, you are very likely to be over-extending yourself by taking on more debt, and your credit score will plummet accordingly.

Generally speaking, the best credit scores are reserved for those who are debt free. Thankfully, the book "The Debt Annihilation Formula" reveals a debt-eliminating system that is the single mathematically fastest way to pay off debt. Also, the same system reveals how to settle debt for pennies on the dollar without damaging your credit score (which has never before been shown).

Once your debt decreases, your credit score will begin rising, and you'll be able to get approved for more loans and better terms.

2. Erase negative items from your credit report. This includes late payments, collection accounts, and hard credit inquiries. Any data indicative of you not paying back a previous debt as agreed has a massively negative effect on your credit score. Thankfully, there are many effective methods to getting this data erased. Some of them are so simple you'll slap yourself for not thinking of them on your own!

3. Make all of your payments on time. This is probably quite obvious, and may be difficult to do at times, but none-the-less is one of the best ways to raise credit score. A late payment has a huge effect on your credit report, and while it may be easy to get them erased using the right techniques, it's even easier to not have them appear in the first place.

To accomplish this, mail or submit your payments at least 7 days early, and keep at least a $1,000 emergency fund on hand at all times.

4. Obtain credit, and use it wisely. While credit cards and loans may sink you deep into debt if you misuse them, they are the only way to properly build credit. To make this work for you, obtain two to four credit cards, make one small purchase with each card per month, and pay the account off in full. Try not to use each card for any purchase larger than $30. This ensures you are capable of completely paying off the card at the end of the month.

If you can't get approved for a credit card, there are effective alternatives such as secured cards and loans. However, it's important to have a wide range of credit for the best results. For example, making on-time payments on two credit cards, a car loan, and a mortgage will build credit faster than four credit cards (as long as you're not over-extending yourself).

These tricks are just the tip of the ice burg, however. Plus, you can learn many secrets to building credit and paying off debt that hardly anyone out there will reveal to you.

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